Vinpocetine Natural Nootropic Benefits, Safety & Review

Vinpocetine for a better memory and clearer thoughtsVinpocetine is a natural Nootropic that promotes brain support, enhanced mood, increased focus, clearer thoughts, improved mental energy and enhanced memory.

What is Vinpocetine ?

Vinpocetine is a synthetic alkaloid compound found and extracted from the periwinkle plant called Vinca minor. It is considered a natural derivative, extracted from a plant and further manufactured in a lab to control it’s purity.

This plant is grown in Europe and has been used historically for centuries to treat cognitive decline. It’s key benefits are thought to heighten mental energy, boost mood, increase focus and give you a better memory.

Vinpocetine is used in Europe to treat memory loss and age related cognitive decline as well as for ischemic strokes under the prescriptive medication name Cavinton.

In the United States and all other countries, it is openly available as a dietary supplement and is considered safe to use without a prescription.

Benefits of Vinpocetine

In studies, Vinpocetine has shown to be effective for improving focus, energy levels and memory capabilities. It also may play a role in neuroprotection.

Vinpocetine increases circulation and blood flow to the brain and is considered a cerebral vasodilator. This means that it increases blood flow in the brain while uniquely not affecting your blood pressure.

Blood flow and circulation to the brain creates higher levels of alertness and improves brain metabolism. It assists in improving the transportation of nutrients such as oxygen and glucose and utilizing them more effectively.

A lack of oxygen to the brain can cause an individual to have temporary memory loss, difficulty paying attention and lack the ability to make sound decisions.

Vinpocetine is thought to increase oxygen and it is an important factor for short-term and long-term cognitive functions. It may also increase reaction time, reduce headaches by releasing the excess pressure and improving speech and balance in the elderly.

In addition, improved oxygen and glucose uptake increases production of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). ATP is produced from foods (fats and sugars) you consume and functions to strengthen the operations of the cells. It’s availability decreases with aging and it is one of the primary causes of neural cell death.

This molecule transports energy into the cells where it is needed for healthy cellular functioning and increases circulation to damaged brain cells.

Finally, Vinpocetine may get rid of waste in the brain cells which promote neuron growth. It is thought to act as a neuroprotectant against toxins, keeping neurons healthy so they can communicate better.

Also, it is suggested that Vinpocetine increases stimulation of major neurotransmitters including Acetylcholine and Serotonin concentration. Hormones such as Dopamine and Noradrenaline are also increased. These chemicals are associated with improving moods, learning capacities, better memory capabilities, concentration and attention span.

This supplement is commonly used to enhance memory function, eliminate brain fog and provide oxygen to the brain to think clearer.

How does Vinpocetine Work?

Although it is not fully known how Vinpocetine works through these processes, there is a good general understanding of it’s desired pathways and end benefits.

Vinpocetine is not fully absorbed into the blood stream. However the amount that gets absorbed quickly enters the brain and central nervous system and starts it’s process. Once it enters, it than opens up blood vessels and provides them with oxygen.

This process increases cerebral blood flow and circulation without effecting blood pressure. Also, brain metabolism is improved from glucose uptake which increases production of ATP and reduces fatigue and brain fog.

Vinpocetine is believed to stimulate receptors and raise the concentration levels of major neurotransmitters, including Acetylcholine and Serotonin. Also, increasing hormones such as Dopamine and Noradrenaline.

Vinpocetine Stacking Options

Stacking means taking Nootropics simultaneously to either enhance or supplement the effect. Users stack Nootropics because each one has it’s own unique effect and can’t provide all cognitive benefits in one supplement.

Vinpocetine has proven to be effective on it’s own, however, it is commonly stacked with Ginkgo Biloba which are two natural supplements that enhance brain function and memory. This may increase the effects on mental performance, memory, focus and blood flow for brain health.

Is Vinpocetine Safe?

When taking Vinpocetine, within the recommended dosage, it is considered to be one the safest herbal derivatives to take. However, this supplement falls into the ‘less is more’ category to avoid the risk of being too ‘hyped up’.

If side effects occur, they are considered mostly due to over usage at one time, they include nausea, headaches, stomach aches and dizziness.

Vinpocetine is not recommended for breast feeding or pregnant women, people taking blood thinners or have a history of blood clotting or have recently undergone surgery. Please consult your doctor first before taking Vinpocetine.

Vinpocetine Dosage

It is always recommended to take the lowest dose when starting on any new Nootropic supplement. This will help you determine how the Nootropic supplement will effect and/or benefit you and what dosage will work best for you.

The recommended dosage is between 5mg-20mg per day in total. This can be administered and divided into 2-3 times in a day and taken with a meal to increase the rate of absorption.

These are just guidelines. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor first.

Vinpocetine Review

Vinpocetine is extracted from a plant called Vinca minor and considered an herbal derived Nootropic supplement. It is used to improve brain fog, learning capacity, a better memory, focus, alertness and concentration.

It is considered a cerebral vasodilator, improving blood flow to the brain and increasing circulation without effecting blood pressure. This is a major factor for proper cognitive functioning.

Users online have reported improvements in mood, clearer and long lasting focus, improvement in decision making skills, a sharper brain, better memory and more mental energy.

Studies have shown that Vinpocetine increases ATP production, which naturally decreases with age. This fuels energy into the brain cells and is an important factor since the lack of it’s availability is a major cause of brain cell death.

Vinpocetine has been reported to be one of the safest herbal derivatives when taking in proper dosages (5mg). If you are looking to improve brain power and enhance brain health, you may want to consider taking Vinpocetine.