Lemon Balm Supplement Effects on Stress & Sleep

Lemon Balm to reduce anxiety and improve memoryLemon Balm is an herb that is believed to improve memory, reduce anxiety and provide stress relief.

What is Lemon Balm?

Lemon Balm, also called Melissa officinalis, comes from the leaves of a mint plant that is grown in the Mediterranean and western Asia. It is now naturalized in Europe, Asia and North America.

This calming herbal medicine has been used for centuries, even dating as far back as the middle ages. Traditionally, it was used for medicinal purposes to treat stomach issues, colic and lower fevers. It was also used to promote sleep and relaxation by reducing anxiety and stress.

Over the years, more research was done finding a multitude of additional benefits. In more recent studies, it suggests that Lemon Balm may improve memory function and give us a faster and sharper brain.

Lemon Balm Effects

Lemon Balm contains Rosmarinic acid, which is thought to normalize the levels of Acetylcholine in the brain, a neurotransmitter that is crucial to the functioning of our memory and cognitive skills.

It is also thought to raise GABA levels. This is a chemical messenger in the brain that reduces over activity in the neurons, which keep us calm and give us that anti-anxiety effect. It also can help with sleeping patterns.

Another chemical compound found in the extracts of this plant and contained in this supplement is eugenol. This analgesic chemical calms muscles spasm and numbs tissues. This may also be helpful in reducing muscle pain.

Also, an additional chemical called terpenes found in Lemon Balm leaves is thought to add to its calming effects.

Furthermore, it contains tannins. This is thought to be a powerful antioxidant and is also believed to kill bacteria and viruses.

Benefits of Lemon Balm

  • This supplement is most commonly used to reduce anxiety and stress and to give you a good nights sleep.
  • Many users have reported it’s enormous positive effects on dealing with everyday stress, reducing anxiety levels, potential panic attacks and heart palpitations.
  • It has been reported to boost your mood.
  • Lemon Balm has also been reported to help with learning capabilities and memory.
  • It is also used for PMS and may even help to induce a menstrual period.
  • It is known as a powerful antioxidant and may prevent infection, inflammation and disease.

Lemon Balm Side Effects

This natural herb is considered very safe to take. Most users find it to be tolerable with no side effects.

However it is not recommended for people taking anti-anxiety or any sedatives, anti-histamines or anti-seizure drugs. Please consult your doctor first.

Lemon Balm Dosage

It is always advised to start at the lowest dosage when starting a new Nootropic supplement. This will help you gauge your body’s effect and see what works best for you.

The average recommended dosage is between 300mg-500mg per day.

This is just a guideline. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult your doctor first.

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