Citicoline: Natural Supplement To Improve Memory Loss?

Citicoline best natural supplement to improve memory lossCDP Choline also known as Citicoline is a natural high quality choline supplement that promotes to improve memory, enhance learning, clarity, alertness, improve mental energy and symptoms of ADHD.

What is Citicoline (CDP Choline)?

Citicoline is known to be one of the most popular, effective and safe and nutritional natural supplements on the market

This choline supplement was developed in Japan and used as a remedy to aid in the recovery process of certain types of strokes.

Also, Citicoline is used in many countries around the world to treat ADD and ADHD.

Citicoline supplements, are thought to prevent and improve memory loss, mostly associated with ageing and enhance learning capacities, clarity of thinking, focus and alertness. It also may improve general brain health.

It is not only considered effective on improving memory loss and other cognitive functions but it increases Dopamine levels, which is a chemical related to our moods and energy levels.

Choline, is a nutrient that is already found in the body but we do not produce enough of it to get its full effects. The majority of people do not get the recommended amount needed in their diets to nourish the brain. Even small deficiencies may cause or lead to mental impairment.

Deficiencies are very common and can cause lack of energy, motivation, memory loss and general bad moods.


Citicoline plays an important role in the production of a substance called phosphatidylcholine. This is thought to slow down the aging process of the brain, form new neural connections and allow the nerve cells in the brain to adjust themselves to new situations and changes in the environment.

Naturally, phosphatidylcholine is found in fish, meat and soy beans.

Also, it is thought to improve blood circulation in the brain and improve the brains ability to adjust synapses to increases or decreases of activity.

This process is thought to positively effect learning capacities and improve memory loss and the speed of memory recall.

In general, people are starting to see why high quality, safe Choline supplements such as Citicoline and Alpha GPC are vitally important for brain function.

Citicoline Benefits

Cholines are similar to Vitamin B which the brain needs to produce Acetylcholine. This is a neurotransmitter or chemical that sends signals between the neurons and is required in the brain for proper cognitive functions including memory, attention, motivation and arousal.

Citicoline raises the production of this chemical by supplementing the amount of choline in the bloodstream that we may not be currently be getting.

It is also thought to improve blood circulation, producing higher levels of oxygen to the brain and raising glucose levels. This results in enhanced brain fuel, needed for memory recall and to improve memory loss. Also learning and brain metabolism are improved.

This may be why users have reported increases in mental energy when taking Citicoline. This may also result in having more motivation, increasing attention span and the ability to concentrate.

It has also been thought to be more successful for brainpower due to the absorption, than other choline supplements can achieve.

Clinical, Citicoline is used to treat cognitive decline (age related) and disorders including dementia. It also thought to be used for the recuperation of head traumas.

There is even some evidence that suggest that Citicoline is given to Alzheimer’s patience to help with memory loss.

Why Take Citicoline? It promotes;

  • Memory is improved
  • Clearer thoughts
  • Focus is improved
  • Sharpens brain functions
  • Believed to improve learning capacities
  • Longer attention span

Some common user reviews when taking Citicoline;

  • Immediate improvement in concentration
  • Think clearly
  • Can improve memory loss
  • Focus is much better
  • Less ‘brain fog’
  • Mind is sharp
  • Muscle spasm can be reduced (related to choline deficiencies)

How Citicoline Works

Citicoline enters through the blood stream and crosses the blood-brain barrier.

It than helps the brain to produce acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter or chemical responsible for sending signals between the neurons. Acetylcholine is vital for proper cognitive functions.

This supplement has two main components, choline and cytidine which are broken down and than become phospholipids that continue to activate the production of molecules. This also is thought to help the cells communicate better.

It is also thought to increase dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the central nervous system, chemicals responsible for our mood and stress levels. When these chemicals increase, we feel more relaxed and in a better mood.

Citicoline Possible Side Effects

Citicoline is generally very safe to use with minimal side effects reported. Although rare, some side effects can include;

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Problems sleeping

Citicoline is not recommended for breast feeding or pregnant women. If you are on other medications and have any questions, please speak to your doctor first.

Citicoline Recommended Dosage

The amount of choline each person gets from their diet alone can vary.

It is recommended to always stay within the lowest dose available when starting on any new Nootropic supplement. This helps you gauge your body’s effect and find what works best for you.

It is water soluble and many users on average, take Citicoline several times a day in equal amounts without any problems.

The recommended dosage is between 500mg-2000mg in total daily. The dosage can be divided up into two doses but it is not necessary.

It is advised, to cycle your choline supplements with other high quality choline supplements such as Alpha GPC every few weeks.

Citicoline has shown to be an excellent choice to use in a Nootropic stack which means taking two supplements together to enhance the effects. It is commonly used with Racetams, which enhance their effects.

Citicoline is also commonly used with other Nootropics to reduce potential headaches due to the brains need for acetylcholine. Taking it alone also provides a multitude of benefits to the brain.

These are just guidelines. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor first.



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